Erlebnis Europa - Europa Experience
The Exhibition in the European House Berlin


EUROPA EXPERIENCE at the Brandenburg gate is the permanent exhibition in the European House Berlin that enables you to find out more about the European Politics and enjoy a journey thought history, politics and daily life of the European Union, available in the 24 official European languages. EUROPA EXPERIENCE is an initiative of the European Parliament in collaboration with the European Commission and is situated on the ground floor of the Berlin European House covering an area of more than 450 square meters. Main characteristics of the Exhibition are the round media tables, the 360° cinema and the friendly environment where the visitor has the opportunity to come closer to the European Commission and European Parliament or to take the role of a Member of them.



Telmaco, over one of its framework contracts with the European Parliament, installed all the interactive multi-touch display media stations in the exhibition area and a 360° Cinema with 11 soft edged and warped projection channels on a cylindrical screen of 13 meters in diameter, with accompanying multi-channel audio content distribution in all European languages, providing the visitor the opportunity to virtually experience a plenary sitting of the European Parliament, or even take part in one assuming the role of an MEP or of an European Commissioner.

Guests can also use the Photobooth to take a photo of themselves in the virtual background of the Brandenburg Gate or the European Parliament building and then email it to their friends and family as a greetings card from Berlin.

Telmaco fully controls and supports the entire installation remotely from our headquarters in Athens.