Digital Cinema

The technology of cinema projection is changing! In the next years the projection will become completely digital. Transport of film via satellite, will be stored and repeated by hard disks and the projection will be done with digital headlights of high clarity.

The digital technology provides a more direct delivery of film in all points of world, immaculate result in each projection without changing the quality as the time goes by , considerably smaller cost of distribution and new projection possibilities (3D, projections of alternative producers/facts, interactive projections, etc).

Telmaco S.A. also pioneer in this audiovisual application, research and studies the Digital Cinema from the start of the decade of 2000 and has performed experimental projections from 2001. In 2002 - 2003 Telmaco installs the first systems of high resolution digital projection (1920 X 1080) in rooms even with 3D use.