The company’s philosophy and its foremost objective is to provide the highest possible quality products and services.


The company aspires to maintain an Organizational and Managerial System that succeeds in total customer satisfaction, at the same time reaching the highest possible efficiency in all sections/activities by creating an operational Quality Control System.

The company’s quality control system is based on three main points:

  • The need to achieve and maintain a desirable Quality at efficient cost. In order to achieve this objective, a planned and efficient use of all material and human resources at the company’s disposal is required. This should be run in parallel with the measurement and evaluation of the targets set through quality standards based on productivity.
  • The need to fully satisfy the demands of customers with the ultimate aim being to gain and maintain their trust as far the capability of the company to provide the required quality is concerned.
  • The need to ensure that the company’s operations observe National and European Union laws.

The participation of each employee of the company in this endeavour will ensure and secure the continuous success of Telmaco and it will always be one of the main aims. Each department of the company is responsible for recording and applying the necessary procedures so as to make always possible the application of the company’s policy.

The Quality Control System Director of the company will provide all possible assistance at all stages, he will inspect at regular intervals the certification of the application of the procedures. He will also be the person to receive proposals and submissions for the improvement of the quality of our products and services.