Broadcasting Telecom Solutions

Telmaco offers integrated solutions for broadcast systems and decision relating to television, radio and telecommunications in general.

Telmaco, having partnerships with leading companies in the field, offers:

  • Transmission systems for Analog and Digital TV
  • Analog and Digital Microwave Links,
  • Fixed or portable Satellite portable broadcast systems
  • Flyaway DSNG Systems terrestrial satellite broadcasters (Fixed Earth Stations)
  • Professional Encoders / Decoders Mpeg2 and Mpeg4, Standard - High Definition for Satellite & over IP transmissions.
  • Head-ends for multi-channel transmissions (multiplexing)
  • ENG / SNG Vans installation hardware and peripherals,
  • Transmission tubes,Monitoring Systems,
  • Cables and connectors for RF transmission

Our customer base includes OTE (Hellenic Telecom), all public and private TV channels, satellite and digital terrestrial providers and a number of radio stations.

Key business partners:

Ericsson revolutionized telecommunication by making mobile broadband a reality. Now we are transforming the way people watch television – with any service, on any device, anytime, anywhere.

ND SatCom is a system integrator for satellite-based communication networks and a manufacturer of Radio Frequency (RF) equipment

Screen Service offers a complete range of equipments for the transmission and the processing of analog and digital television signals.