Mobile News Gathering

Telmaco, works closely with business partner Aviwest, who use cutting-edge technology on wireless network transmission technologies and has created a full range of Live High-Quality Video Transmission Systems products.

IBIS DMNG (Digital Mobile News Gathering) is the world's first pocket-size high quality news gathering wireless camera system based on the use of simple and cost effective bonded 3G or 4G networks.

Deployed worldwide by international, national or local TV channels, video service operators or news agencies, this system is the perfect tool to produce professional live video content from remote places in an easier and more flexible way, whether it's to cover breaking news, conduct interviews or produce any kind of live show.

Designed to be used by journalists that need to be able to concentrate on the video contents and not their equipment , the unit is very simple to use through its friendly touch screen. After only few seconds, the unit is on-air and automatically configured according to the network capacity.

The IBIS DMNG can be easily installed on the tripod or on top or side of the camera using a small magic arm. It can also be carried on the belt or in a small backpack.

The IBIS DMNG is a portable picture and sound transmission unit via cellular network or 3G/4G network Wi-Fi/Wi-Max.

The lightweight (740 gr.) system supports HD / SD / Analogue and H.264 compression with the capability of live connection with minimum delay of only 2.5 seconds.

It is also the only unit in its class that supports intercom and tally, necessary for use in a live television environment.