Athens Concert Hall

The Athens Concert Hall (Megaron) is one of the most advanced cultural venues in the world. The intention of its founders was to create a cultural centre with facilities capable of meeting the needs of top orchestras and musical ensembles, as well as a conference centre with state-of-the-art equipment rivalling the largest and best-equipped centres anywhere in the world.

The Concert Hall has a surface area of 143,000 square metres, offering a wide range of eighteen halls and rooms, efficient, comfortable exhibition spaces and imposing foyers covering an area of 12,000 square metres. The various rooms and halls have a total capacity of 6,000 persons, the largest of them seating no fewer than 2,000.

Telmaco has been involved via different contracts with the audiovisual and lighting contracts of the phase two of the Megaron and renovated some systems of phase one.

Main part of Phase two was underground and it included the following new spaces:

  • Alexandra Trianti multi-purpose 1750 seat auditorium with large opera capabilities
  • Nikos Skalkotas multi-purpose 400 seat auditorium
  • Bangueting hall with a level hall and a balcony which can acommodate up to 1000 people in different setups
  • Twelve conferencing rooms
  • Large Foyers
  • Underground parking
  • Gardens